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The moths as nocturnal insects have varieties of species in the queue. At first, moths are not very severe when it comes to humans. On the contrary, it cannot be denied that they tend to damage clothes and household items, etc. If immediate Moth Pest Control actions are your need in Gordon, then we are just one step away to access. Furthermore, our Moth Control Gordon team is a team of experts with outstanding professionalism. Dial 03 4050 7737 and rest back to observe the moths vanishing out of your property in no time. Simultaneously, we are residential and commercial moth exterminators. Book our service at your convenience and get the best quotes at your service.

Avail of highly effective Moth Control Inspection and Treatment in Gordon 

Our team for Moth Control Gordon offers the certified Same Day and Emergency Services for the entire Gordon. Hence, superior quality equipment and eco-friendly solutions are always our first choice. At first, our experts focus on a detailed inspection of the property to capture the moth’s infestation level and target area. Initially, we focus on inspecting stored food items, affected clothes, kitchen area, kitchen cupboard, etc. The inspection process helps our experts identify the type of moth infestation level and its entry point. Next, based on the Moth inspection report our experts will prepare a moth treatment plan instantly. Furthermore, we will decide on chemical-based or non-chemical treatment for moths. At the same time, we specialize in Pantry Moths Extermination, Cabbage Moth Control, Moth Caterpillar Control, Carpet Moth Extermination, Winter Moth Control, etc.

Some Common Signs of Pantry Moth or Clothes Moth infestation

Pantry Moth is also called Indian Meal Moths. Furthermore, Pantry Moths mostly find their food around the pantry or in cupboards. Additionally, they are fond of sugar, grains, bread, snacks, etc. So, what can be the common signs of Pantry Moth infestation?

  • The existence of Moths in the Pantry, Kitchen, etc. 
  • A nasty odour getting emitted from the food packets or containers. The odour can be released due to the secretion.
  • Visible silk webbing. Pantry moths tend to build silk webs most commonly on the inside or outside of the food packets.
  • Further, the holes in the food packets indicate the presence of the pantry moths.
  • Also, you can observe the larvae of the pantry moth.

Clothes Moths tend to enter your closet to make space in your elegant garments. In addition, the case-making moth and webbing Moth are popular kinds of clothes moths. Some natural fibres that clothe moths feed on are wool, silk, leather, pets, animal fur, etc.

  • Clothes Moths leave behind the deposits on clothes, rugs, drapes, etc.
  • Holes in the clothes.
  • Excessive shedding of the fur.
  • Small-sized moths in cream colour can be found crawling on the surfaces of the wall.

Are Moths Harmful Pests?

At first, the Moth as an evening insect is considered of order Lepidoptera which comprises insects like butterflies. The scaly wings of such Insects make them easily identifiable. Hence, as a nighttime insect, you can observe the Moths around the street lights often. Some common species of Moths are Mediterranean Flour Moth, Brown House Moths, Case-making Clothes Moth, Pantry Moth, White Moth, Luna Moth, etc. 

At first, moths can be destructive to food items, clothing, and various other belongings. However, they do not spread any fatal diseases. Moths are not poisonous and are not capable of biting in adulthood which makes them less harmful to humans. Furthermore, the moths can leave slightly stingy bites but are not venomous. Consequently, the adult moths do not have teeth and therefore they cannot bring damage to belongings and humans. On the other hand, certain species of Moth caterpillars tend to make holes in some household items through their larvae. Such species are commonly known as caterpillars with stingy bites that can cause mild skin irritation on human skin.

Our 3 Steps Procedure for Moth Control:

Our team for Moth Control Gordon undertakes a 3 step process to make your residence free from Moths. We offer you reliable and effective Moth treatment at a reasonable Moth Pest Control Cost for the entire Gordon suburbs.

  • Moth Inspection: Our qualified and trained experts will start the Moth Control action from the inspection process. The inspection process covers various criteria like determining moth species, the severity of the infestation, and the major infestation area.
  • Use of Chemical Treatment: We use a chemical treatment to destroy the moths. At the same time, the chemical we use is safe for your family and environment.
  • Moth Prevention: First, vacuum the floors on a regular basis. Second, prepare the mixture of vinegar and water and clean the larvae of the moths. Next, the mixture of cedar oil and water releases a strong odour and can prevent moths.

Why Are We The Right Choice For Treating & Excavating Moths In Gordon?

We are an experienced and certified Moth Control Gordon authority. Our licensed services and trained team play a major role in protecting the residential areas from moths. Here, we offer the commitment of a safe moth control in house and hygienic dwelling in the Gordon suburbs. Some good reasons to choose us are as follows:

Certified Solutions: Our solutions are tested & proven. Hence, we use safe and certified quality solutions.

  • Qualified Experts: The team of experts we hire is highly qualified and educated. Thus, you will be hiring a team of qualified experts.
  • Easy Appointments Booking: Book the appointments with ease with 365 days and 24 hours accessibility.
  • Save up to $40: Get the best quotes and affordable month exterminator cost statement. In addition, appoint us and save up to $40.
  • Follow-up service provided: After-service follow-up is also provided on request. We also provide the post-inspection service.
  • Local Gorden Team: We are the team of locals to offer the best moth treatment for the entire Gorden.


1: What are the problems caused due to moth infestation?

Moths can lay eggs on carpets, upholstery, drapes, etc. Second, the shedding marks can ruin the clothes, books, papers, etc.

What are the types of foods that attract moths?

Some common food items that attract Moths are cereals, grains, flour, bread, etc.

What are the major areas that Moths can Infest?

The common areas infested by Moths are dark areas of the property, carpets, garments, closest, etc.