Possum Removal Gordon

Local Possum Catchers in Gordon: We Are Available 24/7 

Possums as a pest are very popular in Gordon and other parts of Australia. The residential and commercial, both areas in Gordon usually get affected by Possum attacks. The possums are not very harmful but may lead to damage. To keep you and your family safe, we have started the Possum Removal Gordon team which offers a complete solution package for possums. We are local possum catchers in Gordon who are available 24/7. 

Simply ring us on 03 4050 7737 and get quality possum pest control from our experts at reasonable rates. Our team will arrange everything from cages to baits and capture to release and we will follow all the rules set by the government for possum capture and release. 

Possums and How can you identify them?

The possum seems like a rat in appearance. The possum’s appearance reflects the silver fur and has white tips all around the body. The possum is a nocturnal pest. Next, the paws and ears of the possum are black. Possums are good at climbing as they have five toes on their feet. They are mostly observed around garbage bins. Additionally, you can the tracks following along the downspouts, deck railings, trees, and several other structures. 

Possum Removal Process we follow in Gordon: 

We are a trained authority to deal with the toughest possum infestation. In Gordon, the major and local suburbs are served for possum infestation year-round. Hence, our possum catcher team is active 24/7 where you can request services and meetings.

  • We install a cage for trapping the possum. As possums eat the fruits like apples, berries, persimmons, etc. Further, we use the fruits in the cage to trap the possum.
  • We leave the possums at least at a distance of 50 metres from a particular property. Furthermore, as per the rules & regulations the possums cannot be released for more than a distance of 150 metres. 
  • Next, we also pay multiple visits to make sure the treatment is successful. Additionally, the possums are made out of reach of your property. 

How can a customer identify if the Possum is trapped in the Cage:

At first, we need to be sure if the adult Possum is there with the babies alone. Also, assure that in what season is possum observed, in summers or spring? The possums are caught via trapping or bait system. The trap comprises sealing and openings. Once the possum is trapped the door will be closed. Also, you can see if the possum is inside the cage and if the door is properly closed. 

Need for Possum Removal Service: Reasons You Must Know

We are a team of professional possum catchers. The possum as a pest may not be fatal but still harmful. Hence, it is essential to appoint a pest removal company for possum elimination. Here are reasons that force people to get possum removal:

  • Wreck the Garden: Yes, possums are usually found in gardens, yards, etc. Therefore, they damage the gardens for shelter and need to tackle soon.
  • Threatens the pet: Possums can turn aggressive at times. Hence, possums can also bite or harm your pets.
  • Transmits disease: Possums transmits disease like leptospirosis, toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis, spotted fever, relapsing fever, etc. Further, the possums carry and transmit diseases.
  • Messy House: Possums once enter your home can destroy the wirings, cables, and other belongings, as well.  Furthermore, the professional possum removal would be a great helping hand in such situations.
  • Dead Possums: Removing the dead possums with any safety can be dangerous. Furthermore, appoint our dead possum removal team and get the dead possum out of your property with maintained safety.

Appoint us and experience a maintained and possum free property in Gordon

Observing the possums in your house or office area is a troublesome issue. Handling pest like possums is a take on professions where the utmost safety of humans and the environment is maintained. However, our Possum Removal Gordon team assures you of safe and maintained possum-free property with humane possum removal.

  • Residential Possum Removal: Is your house Infested with possums? Then reach out to our experts anytime for 365 days and 24/7. Get the best quotes, best service, and possum-free residence today.
  • Commercial Possum Removal: Now, the commercial areas are also affected by possums. We charge highly reasonable for commercial possum treatment. At the same time, we have a specially certified possum removal company for handling commercial area possums.
  • General Possum inspection: Having your property Inspected for possums is a great idea once you observe them. Hence, our inspection process will provide you with an accurate possum infestation level. Also, the possum entry point, and damages if any including level of damage.
  • Emergency Possum Removal Service: Our team for Possum Removal Gordon also specializes in emergency possum removal service for 365 days. No matter how drastic the condition is, we are active year-round to handle possums effectively. 

Our Cost-efficient & Productive Dead Possum Removal Service in Gordon:

Our team for Possum Removal Gordon is also a specialized team for dead possum removal. The dead possums can be harmful to try to remove yourself as they can develop with insects that can be fatal. Appoint our verified and certified team and get the dead possum out of your property in no time. Moreover, we will leave your space free of possums and treat it with eco-friendly and human-friendly chemicals. 

Why Dial us today for your Possum Removal Assistance in Gordon: 

We are a team of certified experts with quality knowledge and training about how to deal with tricky possums. Years of experience, Industrial-grade equipment use, and best rates make us a complete possum removal package to hire. Here are some more reasons:

  • Eco-friendly: Yes, we give the priority to our client’s safety and environmental safety too. Further, we use eco-friendly techniques and solutions to remove possums. Hence, you can appoint us and rely on our safe service.
  • Affordable: Get the best service at the best possum removal cost only with us. Yes, we offer obligation-free quotes and affordable service for any Gordon locality.
  • Certified Professional: We operate only with a certified team of professionals. Moreover, our certified professionals have built our strong identity in Gordon.
  • Best Service: We offer the best services in Gordon for nearby suburbs and local areas. Be it the same-day service, emergency service, or residential or commercial possum removal, we offer the best possum removal service.
  • Same day possum removal service: Ping us on the mentioned number and get your appointment booked on the same day of booking our service. Once the schedule is confirmed we will offer you same-day service assistance.


How much does the possum removal service cost?

The possum removal service we charge depends upon the size of the property. Next, the level of Infestation and treatment followed decides the charges. Approximately, $200-$250 will be charged.

Do you offer the dead possum removal service?

Yes, we offer the dead possum removal service on the same day and for emergency services too.

Do you offer same-day service?

Yes, we offer the same-day service throughout the year. Hence, appoint us for 365 days and 24/7.